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Male Fertility Implant

Trials are currently about to take place for a new implant which will be capable of enabling men to get their fertility under control with only the flick of one switch. The trials will be introducing the Bimek SLV which is only an on and off switch. It will beRead More

Emergency Contraception Options

There are times when it is necessary to get emergency contraception. The good thing is that there are multiple safe and reliable options currently available for women nowadays. Emergency contraception methods include Para Guard IUD (Intrauterine Device) insertion and the morning-after pill, which can be utilized within 5 days (120Read More

The Contraceptive Pill Today

Inasmuch as the contraceptive pill is not the same as the emergency pill or emergency contraceptive, we want to highlight a recent commentary on the contraceptive pill and what it symbolises, from a social perspective, in today’s society. The telegraph has recently written about the consequences of women taking theRead More

The possibility of a “pericoital pill”: doubts, interests and opinions

This month (August 2013) the press has been talking about the “pericoital pill”, a pill that would be taken on-demand by women before intercourse. It all began after a recent study confirmed that there could be a potential interest in the women’s population to take this occasional method of contraception.Read More